Terms of Services

1. Independent Contractor 


The assigned nurse agrees that she is an independent contractor and not an employee of Ming home Nursing and further agrees not to be bound by the Workmen’s compensation Act. 

Ming Home Nursing is not responsible for resolving any conflict or disagreement that may arise between patient/ patient's family and nurse. In additional, Ming Home Nursing will not be responsible for any improper, negligent practice; misconduct or misuse by the assigned nurse.

For a nurse to be eligible, you must be a Singapore Citizen/Singapore permanent resident or hold a valid working pass. You must be at least 18 years old. You must be  registered with Singapore Nursing Board  (SNB) as a licensed practicing nurse in Singapore. You must ensure your nursing license is valid throughout the whole period of job placement with Ming Home Nursing.

We strongly encourage you to have a valid a professional indemnity insurance coverage. For more information, please read more on insurance.



2. Private Arrangement


              Nurse agrees not to work with its clients by private arrangements without Ming Home Nursing prior consent. Should the nurse make private arrangements with Ming Home Nursing’s patients, the nurse will be charged a S$500.00 penalty.



3. Cancellation of Assignment


             After an accepted assignment, if however the nurse decides to cancel the assignment before the first duty, you are obliged to inform minghomenursing.com via phone call (65) 8133 1720 with minimum advance notice of 24 hours before the first duty commences.

              Failing to notify or with insufficient notice, an administrative charge of S$100.00 will be imposed.



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