Professional Indemnity Insurance 

All registered Nurses with Ming Home Nursing are strongly encouraged to have a Profession Indemnity Insurance cover against nurses' malpractice. The emotional and financial trauma of being sued for malpractice or negligence can be grossly reduced.

 The Singapore Nurses Association (SNA)  has successfully negotiated for a group professional indemnity insurance policy with NTUC Income Insurance Cooperative Limited.  The policy has an annual aggregate of S$2,000,000 and any one occurrence of S$50,000 per named insured. The insurance covers all legal costs, fees and expenses.  This policy is open to members only.  The annual premium is S$107 per member insured. 

It's easy to be a SNA member, fill up an application form downloadable online at SNA membership site with a payment of $20 registration fee (one-time) and $40 membership fee (annual renewal).

Being sued for malpractice is one of the most traumatic experiences a nurse can have. Regardless of one’s guilt or innocence, receiving notification of being sued and the events that follow are not only traumatic but time consuming and expensive. Malpractice insurance, competent legal counsel and knowledge of what to expect at each step along the way can assist the nurse in dealing with this very difficult situation.

This is a small price to pay to ensure you get to sleep well even if something unforeseen does happen.

(Please note that this insurance covers in Singapore only).



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